The Betsy, Miami

The Betsy is an escape, a little gem, situated at the end of the Miami/South Beach strip. I will never forget the first time I visited the Betsy, as a first-timer to Miami. I remember walking the strip and passing the bustling, art-deco hotels, each pulsing with the beat of the music coming from inside. Suddenly, I reach the end of the strip, and I hear lovely jazz music. It was such a welcome and stark contrast, and I knew I arrived somewhere special. The Betsy is exactly that, an escape, and embrace! You can see and feel the soul and history they've so well preserved. You're immediately made to feel like family from the moment you're greeted by the music (live music in the lobby most hours of the day) until your departure. The staff is wonderful, and the restaurants are delicious, and there is a fabulous rooftop pool where we spent most of the afternoons. My favorite way to end the day was sitting on the front patio after dinner to "people watch." The Betsy is a charm and a treasure and I am so looking forward to another visit soon.